Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

Cewek - ABG dipekosa3gp

If you want to give your girl the most amazing experience that she has ever had in bed, then a squirting orgasm (Also known as a female ejaculation orgasm) is a great place to start. A "squirting" orgasm is great for women because it involves an ejaculation as well as an orgasm, so is a different experience. While any kind of orgasm is great for diperkosa, the squirting orgasm is a real bragging point for most diperkosa, simply because their friends have probably never had one. As if that wasn't enough, women also find that guys who are masters at sex and
orgasms are few and far between, making you an essential part of her life!
So why have so few diperkosa had a squirting orgasm? Inevitably the answer is that most guy's technique is horribly bad and that it is an orgasm that doesn't happen immediately, it takes a few tries to get it right. Many guys are simply quitting before they get started. While there are advanced techniques that make it possible to give her a more powerful orgasm in less time, this guide will deal with the basics and how to start to give her squirting orgasm if she has never had one before.
Firstly, you have to locate the G-spot. Depending on your sexual experience, this may be really easy or really tough. Luckily the difference between hitting the G-spot and not hitting it is pretty obvious, you will notice a huge difference in her sexual excitement. The easiest way to find this erogenous zone is to lay her on her back and elevate her hips a little. Before you insert your fingers, you may want to use some lubrication, as missing the spot can be quite unpleasant if you have rough, man hands! Gently insert a finger at first and curl the finger in a smooth motion. At some point you should feel an area that is a little coarser than the soft flesh around it. Try gently stroking that area and see whether she responds sexually. If she does, then you have found the right spot and you only need to increase the stimulus to give her an ejaculation orgasm.
To give her the full orgasm you will want to use your hand and arm to increase the stimulation. Imagine that you were trying to pull her body towards you and use that motion along with the finger motion to stimulate her G-spot more. Don`t rush into this step, just gradually increase the stimulation until you can see her getting more excited and her vagina starts to make a wet slapping sound. At this point it is important to make sure that she relaxes either with your words or your behavior, as many women find that the sudden orgasmic sensation is too much and stop themselves from ejaculating. Providing that she relaxes enough, she will ejaculate a little. Once she is used to the feeling, she will find it easier to have a female ejaculation orgasm next time.

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