Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

Cewek Bispak

There are many reasons why you would want to give your cewek Bispak the best blow job ever. Maybe you want to impress a new love, you have a boring sex life and want to spice it up or you are worried that he might stray if you are no good at oral.
The last thing mentioned is unfortunately very common and men are indeed more inclined to cheat if they don't get enough quality fellatio. Luckily though it is easy to give your man the best blow job ever by adding a few tiny details when you suck his penis.
To make the experience truly special for him here are a few things you could try.
Put a dress on with high heels and stockings. Then kneel down
to suck his penis making sure that he gets the odd flash of leg. All men love stockings and all men love fellatio so together they are a great combination.
Depending on how shy or not you are this one is a killer and will give your cewek the best blow ever he ever had or will ever have. If you have a "toy" then tell him to stand by the bed while you sit at the edge of it to suck him. Then without warning grab your toy and start to pleasure yourself while you are sucking him. Let me tell you this, he will for as long as he lives think about what you have done every single day.
Sound is always a good way to turn your man on. Don't be shy and make lots of "mmmms" and throw in the odd comment about how he fills your mouth because he is so big.
Those oral sex techniques for women are just perfect to give your man the best blow job ever.

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