Rabu, 09 Februari 2011

Gadis Ngentot3gp

Giving a guy a ngentot can be a real chore. I mean sometimes it can take him forever to ejaculate which leaves you with a painful jaw.
Here are three blow job tips to make your man orgasm super fast.
Tease him with some dirty talk way before you suck him because the more he is looking forward to it the faster he will orgasm. Ring him or text him while he is at work and explain down to the last detail what you are going to do to him. I have known guys to ejaculate
in less than five seconds of the oral after being teased like this.
The second of the ngentot tips is a little place where you can stroke him to speed him up. While you are sucking his penis put a finger between his anus and testicles and you will feel a quite hard ridge of skin. This is very sensitive and will make him orgasm faster when stroked.
The best way to make a guy orgasm faster and harder is to let him ejaculate somewhere that you don't usually allow. Maybe in your mouth or over your face or breasts. Just say to him "you can ejaculate on my breasts if you want" and it will soon be over.
Men love blow jobs but most women do not like giving them or are nervous about giving them. With the above tips though you will have the compromise of him getting his pleasure while you now know how to get it over with quickly.

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